Novogratz meets with Roger Ver. Must Be “Up to Good”

Photo courtesy of CCN.

TOKYO (Moonberg) – Resident Bubble God and Brazzer’s enthusiast Mike Novogratz was seen recently posing for a power photo with Bitcoin Jihadist Roger Ver. 

“Great dinner in Tokyo with  @rogerkver . Nice to learn from  one of the crypto OGs and true believers” said Novogratz implying that he himself was not one of the true believers.

People all over Cryptoverse are in rapture at the meeting of this power couple and in anticipation of the great things to come

“They must be up to good. Look at them. When I see this photo I see integrity. I look at these guys and say, you know what? Theres two guys that are going to do good.”

After successfully evangelizing Bitcoin to the world from 2009-2017, Mr. Ver wanted an additional challenge.

“I’ve already mastered people liking me. Now I want to master people not liking me. It’s part of my Kaizen. Which is Japanese for clickbait. It’s my growth path. Mark Karpeles taught me.” 

Our Tokyo correspondant managed to catch up with Novogratz later that evening. He was deeply concentrating on a wrestling match that was on TV.

“Look at them. Power. Discipline. Strength. Watching them makes me proud to be me. Fuck I feel good. What do you want?”

Fat Stacks Novogratz as he’s called in the streets told us that at the end of the day he just wants everyone to get along

“I’m surprised and disappointed at the animus coming through.  We learn from talking to people with differing opinions. You should be able to disagree with someone and have a cordial conversation. Let’s all be more kind to one another.”

Our conversation was interrupted when he received a call.

“Excuse me.”

“Hello? Yeah. Short it like its fucking Hiroshima.”

A nearby waitress was startled by these words and dropped the Sake bottle she was carrying. Mr. Novogratz kindly apologized for his outburst. 

He was putting his words into action

This article is satire and for entertainment purposes only.


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