Justin Sun’s Tesla Giveaway Accidentally Goes The Way It Was Supposed To

Source unknown.

Unapologetic shitcoiner Justin Sun is face-palming all the way to the dealership after Sunday’s automotive debacle.

Mr. Sun was set to giveaway a brand new Tesla randomly to his uncle when an accidental technological mishap led him to selecting a real actual person off of Twitter.

“Fuck.” the Bittorrent CEO said as he stared in utter disbelief that the contest actually went the way it was supposed to. “This is bad. Really bad.” his employees overheard him muttering to himself.

Mr. Sun, employing the skills he’s learned through months of tax evasion, thought quickly on his feet. He decided to renege on his word and instead give the accidental winner the next best thing: tickets to a TRON conference.

This upset the community who secretly harbor resentment against Sun for having the balls to scam the way they fantasize about doing. With much uproar and outcry from the community Sun eventually relented, giving away two Teslas: one to the accidental winner, and one to the rightful heir to the electric throne: his uncle.

This article is satire and for entertainment purposes only.


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