Some say Coin Jazeera was nothing but a whisper in the eyes of Satoshi when he wrote the Bitcoin white paper in 2009. Some say Coin Jazeera is a philosophy, a way of life if you will. Others say if you put your ear gently to the ground and your heart is pure you can hear it. “…pump it…”

What we do know is that for legal reasons Coin Jazeera must explicitly state that THIS WEBSITE IS SATIRE and should be looked at as purely entertainment protected under parody law. The articles are fiction…mostly.

That doesn’t make them any less “real”.

We take ourselves way too seriously in Crypto and it’s important we knock ourselves down a peg or two for humilities sake. These articles are written in good humor and for the betterment of us as a whole community.

We have been in Crypto a long time; this site is way overdue. It’s time to bring humor and fun back  


Coin Jazeera

The Realest News in Crypto (and we mean it).